220x145cm Sleeping Bag Outdoor Traveling Picnic Camping Waterproof Double Sleeping Bag Sleeping Mat – Blue


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Name Sleeping bag
Size 145x220cm
Stuffing White duck down
Color Blue / green / orange / light blue
Fabric Nylon
Temperature 10-15℃

1. Lightweight and skin friendly: sleeping bags provide extra comfort during adventure activities. It is skin friendly and durable.
2. Easy to compress: It comes with a travel-friendly bag and a compression bag with straps, which makes it easy to store and carry sleeping bags.
3. Waterproof and washable: Waterproof design prevents moisture from entering and staying warm.
4. High quality polyester fibers and precisely stitched stitches ensure durability.
5. Comfortable temperature range: 10-15 degrees Celsius

Package Included:
1 x Sleeping bag

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